Butternut squash ravioli with butter and sage from my trip to Eataly.

This weekend, after John and I met one of my bridesmaids, Irena, for brunch, we took a trip to Eataly. This was only my second trip to Eataly but it already has become one of my favorite places to shop for food. The selection is amazing and you really do feel like you’re shopping in a market in Italy.

The fruits and vegetables in Eataly are more vibrant in color than those you see in a regular vegetable store. They taste amazingly also. We bought an orange and it was super juicy.


I’ve yet to eat to at one of the food stations there but it is on my to do list.


On both of our trips to Eataly, John and I bought freshly made pasta! Words cannot describe how good their pasta is. They handmake it everyday from scratch using fresh ingredients. If it wasn’t as pricey, I’d buy it more often.


We bought butternut squash ravioli and another type of ravioli stuffed with meat. For dinner tonight I made butternut squash ravioli. I first boiled water and then cooked the ravioli in it for about 7 minutes.


While that was cooking I made a side of steamed green beans. Steamed vegetables are super easy to make and they are super healthy and delicious. I put the green beans in a vegetable steamer which sat on a pot of boiling water. It is important for the steamer not to touch the water but to sit right above it. When vegetables cook in water, they lose vitamins. This also took about 7 minutes to finish.


While the ravioli and the green beans were cooking, I made the sauce for the pasta. I decided to make a butter and sage sauce because it goes well with butternut squash ravioli.

To make the sauce, I melted about 4 tbsp of butter in a pan.


I chopped up about 10 fresh sage leaves


and added them to the melted butter.


This cooked until the butter browned. I turned off the heat at this point.


It was also at this point that the ravioli finished cooking. Using a slotted spoon I added the ravioli to the sauce pan. The slotted spoon prevents the ravioli from breaking apart which would happen if you drain the ravioli.


Once in the pan with the sauce, I mixed the pasta around the sauce to make sure the sauce covered all pieces. I then added some parmesan cheese and transferred the ravioli to our plates.


The green beans were also done at this point. I added some salt to them for some extra flavor. They also went really well with the butter and sage sauce. Yum Yum!!


This was a great and easy dinner for tonight. There is a snow storm coming and I wanted to enjoy my night in.

This is a photo taken from my balcony, through closed doors of course. It’s so pretty to look at but I would not want to be outside.


What you’ll need …

1/2 pound of ravioli

4 tbsps of butter

10 sage leaves chopped

1/4 pound of green beans.

Parmesan cheese


Cook ravioli in boiling water. While that’s cooking, steam green beans in vegetable steamer for 7 minutes.

Melt butter in sauce pan and then add chopped sage leaves. Once butter is browned, remove from heat and add ravioli. Top with parmesan cheese.



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